About Riso Foods

Qingdao Riso Foods Co., Ltd.

Riso Foods is a manufacturer of Anko bean paste, jelly products, and Asian confectionary products made from Adzuki Beans, founded in China in 1992.


  • CEO – Akira Yokoyama (Japan)
  • Chairman – Du Li (China)


  • BP Partners Co., Ltd. – 50%
  • Qingdaao Lichuan hua chen Co., Ltd. – 50%

Aim and Policy of Management

  • To guarantee safety of foods
  • To maintain a stable, steady supply
  • To earn trust
  • Improvement and challenge
  • Sale at proper prices

History of Riso Foods

1992 – Started manufacturing in Qingdao Foods (City company)

1994 – Moved to Joint venture company for the water problem.

1995 – Yokoyama takes over the operation.

  1. Export gets to be 2,000 MTS/yr.
  2. Establish RISO trading company in China.
  3. Moves the Manufacturing to Weifang Foods.
  4. Export gets to be 6,000 MTS.
  5. Establish RISO FOODS
  6. Export gets to be 12,000 MTS.

2011 – Start for new country research for production.